तोल गेलेल्या माणुसकीचं दर्शन: भिरकीट

The real sign of humanity is that man treats man as man. But, do we really see this symptom in society? There will be some exceptions. There will also be many gentle men. But, there are many people in our society who eat butter on the scalp. There are hands in this society who are holding their own parents in their arms for their own selfish ends. We live in the same society. Even though something bad, wrong is happening in front of our eyes, we just keep looking at it with raised eyebrows and wide eyes. He often takes photos of them on his mobile phone. The photographers do not reach out for help. Writer-director Anup Jagdale has satirically portrayed this balanced humanity in his movie ‘Bhirkit’.

There is an incident in the movie … Ten-twelve year old Chimukali tells her father that I will also ring the bell for you in your old age. You must be sick in bed. If you want water, ring the bell once, if you want food, ring it twice. Now why does this Chimukali want to do this? Because, she has seen it happen in front of her with her own eyes. What your grandparents had to do; Which has to be experienced unknowingly; The same karma should be shared with her father. That’s what she wants. This movie tries to explain the cycle of life. Why the selfish attitude of every element, level, man around us in the society? For what Because of what Is. This has been vividly portrayed in movies. What is special is that the director has captured the nuances of socialism in it. The result of an event is different for different people in different walks of life in different ways, with different intensities. So their reaction is also different. Where do we break into these different reactions of society? Such a question, while watching this movie, one does not live without falling. To put it simply; The movie ‘Bird’s Eye View’ gives us a look at one thing and its consequences.

This is the story of a village called Natoshi. In cinema, even if this story belongs to that village, it can be seen and experienced in more or less different parts of the country. Even in the well-educated society of the city. It is often said that the religion of humanity is becoming rare; But there are also people who help those in need without any preconceived notions. Whether the help is small or big, financial or mental issues are secondary. All the differences like religion, caste, creed, language, caste fall there. It is the only religion of humanity. Tatya (Girish Kulkarni) is seen in the movie. Tatya is also somewhat selfish. But this selfishness does not bother anyone else. Tatya has a hand in every incident that happens in Natoshi village. Something like that is his breadth. Whether it is a baby in the village or a funeral procession; Tatya must be there. What’s going on in someone’s house; Whose house is empty, what is happening in village politics? It’s all in his eyes. Tatya is trying to find the golden mean of various problems in the village. Understanding these issues is crucial. Because, maybe today there is a problem in the house of a neighbor. But, it doesn’t take long for that problem to come to your doorstep. That is why this movie makes us see Manuki in the society in a very humorous way. On the one hand, this movie is showing us a mirror of the attitude of the society, on the other hand, it is also wandering as the name suggests. The director must have done it to bring some drama in the movie.

The love track in the script deviates from the original theme of the movie. This track was supposed to be of a certain length. The rhythm of the dance-song also reduces the seriousness of the subject of the movie. Some of the scenes in the movie have been deliberately strained. The viewer gets bored watching the same thing over and over again. The director had to cover the dramatic emotions in this regard. The strongest part of the movie is the natural acting of all the actors. Girish Kulkarni, Hrishikesh Joshi, Shrikant Yadav, Kushal Badrike, Sagar Karande, Tanaji Galgunde, Kailas Waghmare, Usha Naik, Yakub Sayyed, Monalisa Bagul, Radha Kulkarni etc. all have beautiful work. Sagar should be seen on the cinema screen again and again. To date, he has not been given a role that would give full justice to his acting skills. Hrishikesh Joshi, on the other hand, has done well in every aspect of his life. The details of the role are captured. Girish Kulkarni’s work shows patience in his experience. This ‘bhirkit’ is an eye-catcher and brings a smile to the face. We can understand the essence of cinema by turning a blind eye to the complexity of cinema.

Cinema: Bhirkit

Produced by: Suresh Oswal

Direction, Story: Anup Jagdale

Writing: Pratap Gangavane, Anup Jagdale

Cast: Girish Kulkarni, Hrishikesh Joshi, Shrikant Yadav, Kushal Badrike, Sagar Karande

Compilation: Faisal – Imran

Cinematography: Tanveer Mir

Rating: 2.5 stars

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