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‘New press will come and stay. They used to give cheap plays. You don’t see good artists go with it. Plays don’t live up to their promise. How are you Don’t let the bad days come and close down the bush … ‘When a playwright expresses his concern, his colleague goes on to say, The bush is beautiful. Even today, in a season of four-five months, the turnover of Rs. Attempts have been made by ‘Jollywood’ to shed light on this bush.

If there is any successful theater as a commercial after Mumbai, it is Zadipatti. Even great artists from Mumbai come to work in bush plays. Because money is good. In addition, hundreds of thousands of viewers get ‘live’ appreciation. Chandrapur, Gondia, Bhandara, Gadchiroli districts have the glamor of bush strip. There is something special about this shrub in the country and abroad. The young director Ingle decided to bring this theater on the world screen and ‘Jollywood’ happened.

Shrub festival is held from November to March. Natyasanstha is called ‘Press’ there. It sheds light on the competition, relationships, etc. of these presses. The story of the film is good. However, it is not fluid. At the level of director, she could have flourished more. Just so many events happen in front of us. There are no ups and downs. Many events have little to do with the next event. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The dialogues of the characters do not reach the audience properly. Anyway, Trishanth has taken care that the feel of the bush should come in every frame. At the beginning of the season, posters of plays in the villages, announcements made on bicycles giving information about the play create an atmosphere. The most important thing that has been picked up is the gestures of the patient fans of the bush. They become one with the play as the events unfold on the stage. In between dances, plantings, etc., they dance with the same enthusiasm. These details should be sufficient to understand the magic of the bush.

Deepak Kale (Ajit Khobragade), who set up his own press by writing social and family plays, and swore to dedicate his life to the bush theater. This is the main story of Aadin. It also includes some other attitudes. In it, almost all the artists are from the bush. So the director tries to bring the story closer to reality. It is seen that this folk art was honored by presenting it at the very beginning of the film, from which the Zadipatti theater is said to have emerged. Besides, Dandar, Jadipatti, Pathanatya are also seen on the screen. The burning of tents underscores how sensitive the audience is to the drama. The director has made full use of the natural beauty of East Vidarbha from most of the frames. Cinematographer Yogesh Rajguru captured the occasion well. Some of the bush artists who were going for the interim experiment had died accidentally. That incident is also in it.

Along with Ajit Khobragade, Divakar Gawande, Asavari Naidu, Ashwini Ladekar, Kajal Rangari, Anil Uttalwar, Nisha Dhongade and others have tried their best. The songs are good too. The circumference of the bush is very large. It certainly doesn’t last an hour and a half. There was an opportunity to do more. The efforts are good. Courage is also commendable. If you want to experience the bush, then ‘Jollywood’ is a good option. It’s okay to experience this on-screen play as an experiment.


Producers: Wishberry Films, Priyanka Agarwal, Anshulika Dubey, Shashwat Singh

Story: Asavari Naidu

Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction: Trishant Ingle

Photography: Yogesh Rajguru

Collection: Vaibhav Dabhade

Costume: Priyanka Dubey

Songs: Asavari Naidu, Yuvraj Pradhan, Manraj Patel

Music: Noisebox

Artists: Ajit Khobragade, Divakar Gawande, Asavari Naidu, Ashwini Ladekar, Kajal Rangari, Anil Uttalwar, Nisha Dhongade etc.

Rating: Three stars

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