Comedy episodes add up that a good comedy movie doesn’t happen, just like De Mar, a strong action packed movie doesn’t make a great action packed movie. Despite the lack of raw links, twists and turns in the script, one can only endure for a while on the strength of action. However, there is nothing special about cinema after that. The same was the case with ‘Dhakad’ directed by Rajneesh Ghai and starring Kangana Ranaut. In every movie, Kangana tries to make her own image on screen bigger than ‘Larger Than Life’. I mean, the layout of the movies is the same; Therefore, there is no difference even in ‘Dhakad’. From the first frame to the last frame it is filled only with bracelets and bracelets. Cinema is very entertaining. Kangana’s fans may like it. Others are more likely to be disappointed.

The story of the movie begins in Budapest. The special agent Agni (Kangana Ranaut) is responsible for exposing the international racket of trafficking in girls. After completing a ‘mission’ there, she realizes that the entire racket originated in India. She is given the mission to destroy the empire of Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal) and Rohini (Divya Dutta) who became Don by grabbing coal mines. In the meanwhile, she realizes that Agni’s past is also related to these people and then the personal ‘Badle Ki Aag’ erupts. So how does a lone fire face Rudraveer in all these situations? What problems does she face? What exactly are the references to the past? To answer such questions, one has to look ‘bold’.

The movie started with a strong action sequel. However, it is relatively late to find out exactly why all this is going on. Agent Agni is very prepared and fights on many fronts at the same time. Dialogues like ‘Jism se ruh alag karna bijnes hain mera’ are sweeping. At the same time, it is like handling small and big guns, raining bullets from it, destroying enemy’s corpses, splashing blood with a sharp weapon when the bullets in the gun run out. She has a team with her to fight such a huge coal miner, an international human trafficking ring. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Since she is omnipotent, she is the only one who can cover everyone. Survivor is survived by a bullet in the chest. At the same time, it is self-defeating in the face of numerous machine gun fire. In short, the movie ‘Dhakad’ is the journey of ‘Agnidivya’ with this huge energy. To literally put the word of mouth in it. Whether it’s a secret mission or a coal miner!

The villain and the villain by name. The writer-director has no time to show what the rest of the coal miners are doing, where exactly they are due to their whereabouts, whose hands are wet in the child trafficking racket, and if there is time, it will not give the poor man time to show this ‘fire’. . Since Kangana Ranaut is the ‘hero’ of the movie, there are a lot of events that need to be done to show her heroism on the screen. Here is a different ‘plot’ of Handler (Saswat Chatterjee) assigning various missions to Kangana. He comes at the end of the film with the intention of giving a ‘twist’. However, even its references are left out in half. Kangana works hard as usual. The whole movie revolves around her. I think Arjun Rampal’s personality should have been more detailed. Divya Datta is remembered even in a small role. The rest of the action sequences are forceful and eye-catching. The cinematography of Japanese cinematographer Tetsuo Nagata is also fascinating. The songs don’t have much scope. In short, the fulfillment of the action of the main character is almost one hundred percent fulfilled here. What’s different?

Producer: Soham Rockstar Entertainment, Sohail Maklai

Director: Rajneesh Ghai (Raji)

Writing: Rajneesh Ghai, Chintan Gandhi, Riteish Shah

Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Badshah, Dhruv Ghanekar

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Arjun Rampal, Divya Datta, Saswat Chatterjee, Shareeb Hashmi

Rating: Three stars

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