धर्मवीर… मुक्काम पोष्ट ठाणे

‘Anand Dighe and Thane city’ is a unique equation. It is very rare for a political leader to gain such a place of affection in the society, especially at the grassroots level. Although 20 years have passed since Dighe’s accidental death, his popularity in Thane has not changed. Making a film on such a personality was a big challenge. Because there are many stories about him. It is not possible to investigate such incidents. The film ‘Dharmaveer’ also tells the story mainly about Anand Dighe, his public personality. There is a lot of curiosity about whether the main actor looks like a protagonist or not. Prasad Oak’s look and his on-screen performance win the ‘Dharmaveer’ half battle. Probably, the writer Praveen Tarde is less than the director Praveen Tarde as there is nothing concrete in the story.

By merging with the role, Prasad has literally brought Dighe’s personality to life on screen. The person we see on the screen is actor Prasad, we forget that. During the intervening period, Prasad’s name became more popular as a director. Now, on the occasion of ‘Dharmaveer’, he has again emerged as a great actor. Anand Dighe’s personality has been captured on screen by Tadaf and Awesh Prasad. Praveen Tarde has done a great job as a director. This is Praveen’s third film as a director after ‘Deulband’ and ‘Mulshi Pattern’. One of the similarities between these three movies is the characteristic journey of the screenplay. Praveen always combines present and past while showing / telling the story. He has done the same with this film, but this technique does not seem to be very effective here. There are many blanks in the script. There are more rumors than official information about Anand Dighe. As a writer, Praveen has tried to bring such events together and shape the story. The author has tried to present the Dighe seen, known and remembered by the people around Anand Dighe. But in doing so, there is no uniformity. Therefore, the journey of a young activist named Anand Dighe to become Thane district chief is not seen in cinema. Why he is called ‘Dharmaveer’, how people bestowed this title on him, is also not much underlined. Mara happens in the first half of the tragic events of his life journey.

The pages of a book should be scrutinized; The first half of such a movie goes unnoticed. Some references do not fit. The latter half of the movie, however, is involved. If there is a desire to do something for the people, then what a worker of an organization can do, is a mirror of Dighe’s work. To what level can a leader go to solve the problems of the society? This is the form of this avaliya person who is also in charge of law and order. But the events in the movie are real, that Aikiv will be discussed, because no such claim has been made by the author. He has created a personality that is seen and felt by the society on the screen.

Prasad Oak Anand Dighe’s personality has lived on the screen. Body language, gestures, speech skills have been captured by Prasad. Dighe’s habit of stumbling while speaking has also been perfectly realized by Prasad. Kshitish Date in the role of Eknath Shinde has also done a good job. All the other small and big roles (except for two or three roles) are neat in their own right. The whole movie revolves around this person. The background music, the songs, the lyrics are wonderful. The lyrics of ‘Gurupournima’ and ‘Ananda’ at the end of the movie are good. Kedar Gaikwad’s photography is excellent. The scissor of the compiler is running more in some places. Vidyadhar Bhatte, the colorist, has captured the details of Anand Dighe’s face and the changes that have taken place in it with age. He met Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray, Meenatai Thackeray, Eknath Shinde, Mo. Da. Joshi, Dada Bhuse and other personas have also done their best. Even if some errors are noticed, the overall history of the past remains before our eyes when we re-read the pages of the past.

Dharmaveer … Stay Post Thane

Producer: Mangesh Desai, Zee Studios

Story, Screenplay, Writing and Directing: Praveen Tarde

Cast: Prasad Oak, Kshitish Date, Snehal Tarde, Vijay Nikam, Abhijit Khandkekar, Makrand Padhye, Shubhangi Latkar

Cinematography: Kedar Gaikwad

Collection: Mayur Hardas

Casting Director: Shantanu Bhake

Rating: Three stars

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