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An activist of the movement holds a map of India in front of him and asks, ‘If you hide the names of states on the map of India, how many Indians can put their finger on the names of every state?’ This makes his question introspective. Despite living in a united country like India, ‘Anek’ has tried to effectively express the grievances of Northeast India, which today confines itself to its own province. It is not possible to understand the seriousness of some things by reading and listening to them. However, it came to the fore through the visual, that reaches the mind more. ‘Anek’ gives exactly the same experience.

Every director has a different way of telling stories. Anubhav Sinha’s as well. If we look at his works like ‘Mulk’, ‘Article 15’ and ‘Thappad’ till now, it seems that the valley of provinces, thoughts etc. has been highlighted. In ‘Anek’, he tells the story of the northeastern province of India, which is still considered ‘outside India’. If you want to connect an idea to an audience, it has to be flashed in every frame. In the movie poster, the word ‘NE’ in the word ‘Anek’ is highlighted. This means that this is the story of the North-East, it was underlined. It is an attempt to convey the message that Indian identity should be our identity, not that of the Kunya state. The same care has been taken in every frame. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. All that keeps falling on our ears is the ‘North-East’. The identity of the state is not seen on the number plate of any vehicle in the film. Only ‘NE’ is mentioned. It is shown on the screen in the same way that we see the ‘North-East’. It is felt that we are not aware of the northeast that is our part.

Northeastern states want independence from India. Movements are active for this. The Indian government wants to establish a peace agreement with Tiger Sanga (Loitangbaum Dorendra), the leader of one of these movements. For this, Aman (Ayushman Khurana), an officer from the secret department, has been appointed to the north-east. But now a group called ‘Johnson’ is active there, who do not want this peace agreement. They believe in violence. Aman has been tasked with controlling the situation there. There he hides his original identity and acts as a drug smuggler. On the other hand, Ido (Andrea Kevichusa), a boxer from the same province, wants to play for India, to win a gold medal for India. Through this, she wants to convince him that ‘we are also a part of India’. Whether Aman and Ido can achieve their goals has to be felt on the screen. Some questions also arise here. The rest of India does not pay attention to the northeast, nor does the northeastern province want to call itself Indian, we keep thinking both sides. The answers are always available. “Our children have been watching the police with their guns since childhood,” says one person. In boxing, a North Indian competitor, Idola, utters the words ‘Hindustan tere baap ka hain kya’, then loses her and says ‘Hindustan kisi ke baap ka nahi, hum sab ka hain’. These are some of the highlights.

There are some shortcomings in the film. In order to convey a message to the audience, it is necessary to have a long dialogue. So the occasion becomes protracted. Ayushman is an officer who does anything just to achieve his goal. There is no concrete event that explains how he suddenly changes his mind. There is a gap in the tradition of Indian cinema. It is an attempt to create a vision of reality. Love story, glamor, etc. are not the spice that the general audience needs. Everyone, including Ayushman, has won in acting. This is the first film of Nagaland model Andrea Kevchusa. She has done her role perfectly. See Manoj, J. D. Chakraborty, Kumud Mishra, Meghna Malik, Deepalina Deka, Loitangbaam Dorendra have also done well in their respective roles. Evan Muligan’s cinematography has done a special job. He has presented the beauty of the northeast very well. Also the emotions of each character. If you want to experience the sorrows of the neglected part of India, the culture of the Northeast, the incomparable beauty, then the artwork ‘Anek’ is for you.



Writer-Director: Anubhav Sinha

Producers: Bhushan Kumar, Kishan Kumar, Anubhav Sinha

Screenplay: Anubhav Sinha, Seema Agarwal, Yash Keswani

Cinematography: Evan Muligan

Collection: Yash Ramchandani

Background music: Mangesh Dhakde

Cast: Ayushman Khurana, Andrea Kevichusa, Manoj Pahwa, J. D. Chakravarti, Kumud Mishra and others

Rating: Three stars

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