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[Download] Marathi Movies List A To Z

List Of Famous Movies In Marathi A To Z Download

Marathi Movies List A To Z : तुम्ही मराठी Famous Movies ची लिस्ट बघत आहात तुम्हाला Popular Marathi Movies List Download करायच्या आहेत तर तुम्हाला इथे 30+ Best Famous Marathi Movies List ची लिस्ट मिळेल ही लिस्ट आम्ही movies च्या rating वरून तयार केलेली आहे.

ह्या बेस्ट मराठी Movies आहेत ज्या तुम्ही Download करू शकता. ह्या Marathi Movies तुम्हाला इंटरनेट वर नक्की मिळेल.

  Best Marathi Movies – Marathi Movies List A To Z

Marathi Movies List A To Z,Famous Marathi movie Review And Download, popular Marathi movie list,
Famous Marathi movie Review And Download

[List] of Famous Movie In Marathi A To Z

  • फास्टर फेणे (2017)
  • बाप जन्म (2017)
  • मुरंबा (2017)
  • व्हेंटिलेटर (2016)
  • सैराट (2016)
  • धुरळा (2020)
  • चुंबक (2018)
  • किल्ला (2015)
  • आनंदी गोपाल (2019)
  • गुलाबजाम (2018)
  • कासव (2017)
  • द सायलेन्स (2017)
  • नदी वाहते (2017)
  • कच्चा लिंबू (2017)
  • रंगा पतंगा (2016)
  • कट्यार काळजात घुसली (2015)
  • दुनियादारी (2013)
  • मी शिवाजीराजे भोसले बोलतोय (2009)
  • मुंबई पुणे मुंबई (2010)
  • टाईमपास (2014)
  • पस्तीस टक्के काठावर पास
  • दगडी चाळ (2015)
  • डबल सीट (2015)

Best Popular Marathi Movies List With Reviews【Download】2021

 Read Marathi movie Review And Find Best Marathi movie List And download Free.

Faster fene (2017):- Based on the exploits of the teen age Best  detective character created by BR Bhagwat (creator’s) , Faster Fene is A marathi marathi movie takes you on an adventure ride Best marathi movie review.

Bap janm (2017):– Marathi movie Review A social drama film involving a retired and widowed intelligence officer who is estranged from his married children, who suddenly becomes (read full review) terminally ill and then sets out to make amends using unconventional methods,.. Best marathi movie for watching with an unexpected ending Marathi movie Story line. Best marathi movie stories.

Muramba (2017):- Muramba (transl. [Maharastrian] marathi Sweet & sour jam) (2017) Indian Marathi-language Family-love-drama best movie featuring Amey Wagh, Mithila Palkar and also Sachin Khedekar, Chinmayi Sumit in supporting roles.
Impressive cinematography, good dramatic background music, witty dialogs to the core…

Ventilater (2016) :-Ventilator (2016) Indian Marathi-language best  Relationship drama-comedy movie featuring an ensemble cast of more than best 100 actors, including Ashutosh Gowariker, Jitendra Joshi, Sulabha Arya, Sukanya Kulkarni Mone, Satish Alekar and Priyanka Chopra’s cameo. It is remade in Gujarati-language with the same name in 2018.

Sairat (2016) :- Sairaat, a movie of romantic genre, is an ordinary story of a couple fighting from casteism in India, but with a different presentation best director Nagaraj manjule. Movie starts off good, giving time to build character of Parshya (akash thosar) in first 20 minutes. Ample time is given thereafter building the character of Archie and their romantic relationship. Hence, at any point of time in movie, you don’t feel disconnected or missing sometimes ..best marathi story..

Dhurala (2020):-  A complete Paisa vasool movie…A Great movie and Intelligent move by Sameer Vidhwauns after a long time.
Deep core talented Star Cast. Best marathi movie list famous marathi movie review.
Especially I loved ( loving it )Saie tamhankars role..what a calm and best role..it showed in her acting and on face (best actor). In all of dust dhurala her calmness also twisted the movie somewhere.
Talking about Siddhartha Jadhav (best actor) ..words are less to compliment his every move in the movie. Download Marathi Movies.

Chumbak (2018):-
A must watch for lovers of world cinema. Wonderfully told story best marathi stories. Marathi cinema has given so much to world cinema.Marathi Movies List A To Z……

Killa (2015) :- Cinematography was too good. Screenplay could have been better.
A simple unique story but leaves a feel good effect as it is finished.
Family friendly movie. best marathi movie review.
It’s a visual treat with greenary.Raining sound felt so realistic, You will be lost in the movie if you are into aesthetics.

Aanandi gopal :-
Know the struggle of first Indian doctor. At that time women’s were not allowed to go out of homes but Dr Anandibai went in USA & acheived degree of Doctor. Her husband Gopalrao supporrted her firmly. This is main theme of film. Cinematography is good

Gulabjam :-
Beautiful movie and absolutely nostalgic. If you are Maharastrian then its a must watch. This movie will make you smile and cry for the small emotions. Also shows the friendship between two people with opposite spectrum. It may look like typical teacher devotee story but let it offer more. By the end its a feel good movie.Download Famous Marathi Movies

Kasav (2017):-
Excellent movie….shown d connection between turtles life cycle n a depressed person….to overcome all negativities….hurdles…on our own….perfect starcast n easy flow of language…must watch movie

The silence (2017) :-
I am big fan of Nagraj sir.. You are wonderful actor. I want to thank Gajendra sir & whole team that they talked over subject of exploitation through movie..
After watching movie I feel that our responsibility is not only to force law to punish the guilty but society need to work on that such unfair & cruel acts will not happen with anyone. Only then we can feel safe & can call ourselves human
Please break the silence 🙏

Nadi vahate (2017) :-
This a very good movie that discuss importance of keeping river flow moving through a small story-play. It speaks about river related bio-diversity as well. It makes you think at the end and leaves the process within.

Kachha limbu (2017) :-
****Must watch movie .***
A mentally challenged child  is only different for society not for parents.
Parents love their child how ever of behaviour they have. Precious and unacceptable love.
A serious drama with many meaning.
Each cast do justice with their characters. Marathi Movies List A To Z……

Ranga patanga (2016):-
Excellent film and this kind of films Bollywood can never make. Excellent work by all casts. What a marvelous direction! It reaches audience what director intend to convey. Thanks for making auch films.Download popular Marathi Movies

Katyar kaljat ghusali (2015):-
For a Hindi speaker, who doesn’t understand Marathi, being enchanted by this masterpiece is itself a miracle. This movie and its  music finds room in your soul. No words are enough to praise this 💎 GEM. Proud of my National heritage. Kudos to all the ppl behind this miracle.

Duniyadari (2013) :-
The film has very vague title that does not catch the attention.. only the experience and maturity to cherish the sheer youthful nonsense can develop a taste for this one. Some of people may admire for the passion for searching the connections between the blur memories (old blur memories). It may motivate some to take bold step and do radical changes.. As of 2020 the world.. especially India is locked up in its own house.. We all are waiting for something radical which could appear as miracle..Marathi Movies List A To Z…

Mi shivaji raje bhosale boltoy (2009):-
one of the best movie ever made in marathi cinema i really loved it sachin khedekar and mahesh manjrekar siddhartha jadhav and vidhyadhar joshi all played nice roles
greatest movie of all time this movie deserves an oscar 👏 I’ve watched this movie many times its inspired me really loved this movie
mahesh sir is greatest director

Mumbai Pune Mumbai (2010):-
The movie is great it show the value of life,love & family. It has unique story.  First part its about how you fall in love n many aspect of love and life . being positive and how to move on from the past love.  2 part is about many confusion but find their way out n being with loved ones forever. The movie show how to understand many aspects of life and love.

Timepass (2014):-
Awesome best  movie. Prathmesh and Ketaki done very well in this movie. It’s very beautiful best cool movie for teenagers. The 1st love is last love shows very clearly (best actor).  Romantic and comedy mixture Best movie is always best combo for audience and it worth it!

35 takke kathavar pass :-
35% Katthavar Pass is a coming of age film best marathi stories. The story revolves around three college-going best friends – Sairaj, Aarti, and Tanish. All of them are back-benchers and are do not academically inclined. Sairaj falls in love with..(girl character in a movie) this girl from his college and his life takes a new turn.35 percent kathavar pass movie Download list marathi Movies.

Dagadi chwal (2015):-
Ordinary people are curious about many personalities.  I mean, even though these people have a lot of social connections, the curiosity about how these churches are in their personal lives, how these churches think, has always remained in the common mind.  Seeing this, many filmmakers, directors brought such people to the cinema.  This includes movies about politicians, encounter specialists, the infamous Dawn and many more.  Chandrakant Kanse is holding the image of a Mumbai don while wrapping up the story of his first film.  He already explains that the story of the movie we are presenting at the beginning of the film is fictional.  But, while weaving this story, he builds a famous stone mason in Mumbai with her name.  As expected, Dawn has done a great job of stirring the curiosity in the minds of the audience. Marathi Movies List A To Z.

Double seat (2015) :-
This movie is very good well made and realistic. Simple story best lines and excellent acting. I love the character “ Manjira”- so inspiring.

हे पण वाचा :- मराठी मोव्हिएस


तुम्हाला ह्या मराठी Marathi Movies List a to z कशा वाटल्या तुम्हाला ह्या मराठी (marathi)  movies चा review आवडला असेल तर आम्हाला नक्की कळवा.
   आम्ही तुमच्यासाठी काही marathi movies चे collection  List आणली आहे.

   आम्ही या सर्व marathi movies इंटरनेट reasearch करून या सर्व famous movie in Marathi ( List ) तुमच्यासाठी तयार केली आहे ह्या लिस्टमधून movies चा review चेक करून तुम्ही तुमच्या vip marathi movies download a to z आवडीची मराठी movie easy Download करू शकता.

   तुम्हाला आमची ही पोस्ट कशी वाटली हे आम्हाला नक्की कळवा.
   तुम्हाला आणखी मराठी मोव्हिएस चेे Reviews पाहिजे असेल तर तुम्ही comment करू शकता.
   अशाच movie related पोस्ट साठी follow करा marathi josh ला.
   आणि पोस्टला share करायला विसरू नका.

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